Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tagging Terror

At first, the idea of tagging seemed overwhelming, but I think it is due to the fact that I no have so many different accounts with so many different sites that my head is spinning! However, this tagging trick actually does help eliminate some of this stress! In my classroom, I currently have a rather long list of sites that are bookmarked. Unfortunately, they only come up on my computer at school...which is why tagging is so smart! Now, all my favorite sites that help me with my classroom can be easily accessed at every computer at which I find myself. (If this were a video, I would perform that cool little hand jive that Lee does! Yay!) The time that this trick (no longer a terror) will save can be dedicated to the many other tasks that overwhelm me at school instead of this one!

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Jo Schiffbauer said...

Tara, what a good job you're doing! Your writing style is easy to read and you're developing good ideas. The hyperlinks in your blog entries take the reader to interesting places.

My only suggestion at this point is that you include a photo in each entry to make it visually interesting and inviting.